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Articles: Linux

Converting old ScreamTracker/MOD files to MP3
Ah, the 90's. Bad hair, bad clothes and natty 16-bit ScreamTracker music on your Archimedes. Time to bring my files up to date with the noughties...

Getting Samba browseable from a Windoze box

Easy when you know how!

Blackgold BGT3620 DVB-T2 card and MythTV

If you really must, it can be done. But honestly - go for a TBS tuner instead.

3ware, tw_cli command line and failed disks

A quick reminder on what to do when a disc fails in your 3ware RAID5 array...

Convert video for Adobe Premiere Elements using avconv

Adobe Premiere Elements doesn't load all the formats under the sun, so you may need to convert a video file before you can import it. Here's how to convert into an H.264 compliant file with avconv (formerly ffmpeg)...

MythTV user job script to export videos

My bash script that I use to transcode/export MythTV recordings to a separate MPEG4/H264 avi file for archive purposes.

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