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Convert video for Adobe Premiere Elements using avconv

I'd got a screen capture video which was captured in a fairly basic codic, msvideo. Great quality, but not very compressed - but good for video editing prior to a final conversion to something smaller like XVid or H.264. Problem is, when I loaded this video into Adobe Premiere Elements, I got all sorts of flickering and artefacts which carried across into the final cut - just not acceptable. So I set about converting the files into a format APE would like. AVCHD was out, because I can't find a nice command-line linux tool that will convert to it (mencoder/avconv only support decoding from it), but APE doesn't mind H.264, so that seemed like an obvious choice. I'd tried the msmpeg4/msmpeg4v2 formats in AVI containers but the quality reduction was awful. Problem is, APE seems a bit particular about the settings you use and the container format. I converted many a video into H.264 that would play fine in something like Media Player, but would not import into APE.


In the end the magic combination of avconv options was :-

avconv -i inputfile -c:v libx264 -f mp4 -preset slow -crf 24 outputfile.mp4


I suspect the key parameter is putting it in an mp4 container format (-f mp4). The preset and crf options keep the quality up, but you can fiddle for different results if you want to.


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