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Pinnacle Studio 15 HD and audio sync

Picture the scene - one captured screen video from your PC showing instructional steps for how to mod Minecraft. You've grabbed the video using Hypercam 2 at a 25fps framerate and, understandably, a few of the frames have dropped. However, it's no big deal, because playing back the msvideo-encoded AVI file shows no problem whatsoever - the video and audio stay in sync all the way through.


You load it into Pinnacle Studio and cut a few bits out, just to neaten it up, and then encode it out the a final video. Now the audio and video go massively out of sync, the video completing way before the audio stream has even finished. You try every different codec available in Pinnacle but every single one does the same.


You transcode the original source into various formats first - Xvid, H.264 - wanting to keep the 720 vertical lines you have to stay away from other codecs such as DV. You run it through mencoder with the -mc parameter, to adjust the audio/video sync during transcoding. You run it through the equivalent avconv (ffmpeg) options also. You try every bloody combination under the sun and despite the video playing absolutely fine in Windows Media Player before you put it into Pinnacle, as soon as you ask Studio to generate some output the sync goes all to pot again.


Let me give you the short, quick solution to this, rather than waste a whole weekend like I did.


Pinnacle Studio is SHIT. Pay for and download Adobe Premiere Elements, at comparable price to Studio, and drop the video in first-time, cut it, save it out and relax as you watch the video in its full synchronised glory... because it shouldn't be hard, should it Avid, you just edit a single piece of footage and keep the sound in sync with the video? Should it? No, of course not.


Last bit of money Avid ever get off me, that one. Even if it's not for sync issues, I found it incredibly 'crashy' and their idea of patching fixes was to up the release number and charge you another £80 for the priviledge of them doing what they should do anyway - fix their bloody shambles of a product.


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